Convert DVD’s : PAL to NTSC

22 08 2008

I needed to help a friend. They bought a DVD that was PAL and it would not play on their DVD player. I told them that for the USA it needed to be in NTSC format. Since it was too late to send the DVD back, I decided to look up ways to convert the format. Here is what I found to be the easiest way.

1) Download a  free copy of IFOEdit from here.

2) If you don’t already have a favorite DVD ripper program, use HandBrake from here.

3) Most Microsoft DVD burning programs won’t work so you can use this free DVD burning program CDBurnerXP from here.

After downloading and installing all of these programs, follow these procedures.

A) Use HandBrake to rip the DVD to the hard drive. B) Run IFOEdit > Select open and navigate to the folder where you just riped the DVD to. Open each .IFO file one by one and change any file with a PAL reference to NTSC and save. C) Use CDBurnerXP to burn you new DVD from the riped files on you hard drive.

Its that simple! For more detailed instructions go here. They use some other programs, but they are very thorough and the results are the same.

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19 04 2013
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