How to Remove Scratches from a cell phone screen!

21 08 2008

A co-worker of mine has had a couple of run-ins with trouble for his phone. After he upgraded to the new Black Jack 2, he started to have problems with his screen. There were some vertical lines showing up on his screen all of a sudden. So the only option was to take it back, and he did. Now with this second phone, he somehow inadvertently scratched the screen. He asked me the question, Is there a way to buff out or clean up the scratches? Well that is a great question, unfortunately I didn’t have an answer for him at the time. But I did take the time to research it and these are the things I found.


Many different websites say that there are several ways to try to remove scratches from cell phones, but none of them are guaranteed to work, especially if you have a lot of really deep scratches. So you may have to keep trying till you get the results you want. Perhaps even a combination of several… Each item is applied lightly to a clean, soft cloth. Then you apply to the screen with a gentle swirling motion. Kind of like applying a wax job to your car.

1) Tooth Paste – Seems to work well with the advantage of a better smelling phone. But use the Paste type not the Gel type.

2) Baby Powder – Mix it with a little water and create your own paste.

3) Baking Soda – Not only good to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh, but can do some amazing things with scratches as well.

4) Brasso, Silvo or other leather care product, has the ability to get into the scratches and remain clear. Unfortunately they have a strong smell.

I hope you can see the pattern here. I looks like different types of pastes and creams are what you should be shooting for. If these don’t work, go to your local pharmacy and see what non abrasive pastes & creams they have.


To me, the easiest way to prevent a scratch is to be careful with your item. But I know that is not always as easy as it sounds. So the next best thing to me is to use the Invisible Sheild from I beleive in the beauty of the product, (your new phone, camera or computer probably got you hooked on its looks in the first place) and I would not like to mar it with thick and obtrusive covers of any kind. Believe me, the Invisible Shield, (or at least something like it), is a great little addition to protect your investment.  For more info on their wide range of products, look them up on Youtube or visit their website.

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95 responses

9 06 2009

I found this very helpful. The toothpaste made the scratch on my screen look almost invisible! THANKS SO MUCH!

7 08 2011

what kind of tooth paste did you use? O.o

16 06 2009


9 01 2012

… I understand completely.

15 04 2012


11 07 2009

the scratch didn’t dissapear completely, but it did go a little.

Tyan Trinh

14 07 2009

… I now have paste filled scratches on my cell ohone screen =/

31 07 2010

u probably didnt smooth it out good enuff. or u could try gettinng a damp cloth andd just passing it over.

24 07 2009

paste ddnt work

9 08 2009

the toothpaste totally made the scratches worse dont use it! try car wax it works…kinda. or you could just get a screen protector and it makes the scratches less noticable

17 08 2010

Listen, the toothpaste cannot make the scratches worse! its impossible the only things that could possible make the scratches worse is if you did it going the way of the scratch.

31 07 2010

u probably didnt mix it good enuff.

24 08 2009

yah it um didnt work at all and it just makes a huge mess

31 07 2010

maybe u r just sloppy. huh everybody else said it worked except for u. sloppy sloppy SLOPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 09 2009

ya it didnt work at all

1 11 2009

worked a bit, use a q-tip and be careful removing the paste or you might make new scratches

28 11 2009

brasso works the best, use cotton balls. Start by soaking 2 or 3 cotton balls with brasso and apply to the screen GENTLY. and slowley dry it with dry contton balls

7 04 2010

Tried the baby powder-paste.. Helped a tiny bit, but overall not very effective.

I’ve had good luck with toothpaste in the past. Going to try some Brasso on my Curve tonight when I go pick some up.

18 04 2010


17 08 2010


19 05 2010

I have a Samsung touch screen phone, which should i use: Toothpaste or Baby Powder, Or Baking Soda?

19 05 2010

I have a Samsung touch screen phone, which should i use: Toothpaste or Baby Powder, Or Baking Soda

17 08 2010

You could try all of them.. it won’t hurt it.

8 06 2011
kirsten boyd

what did you end up using? cause I have the SAME phone.

15 07 2012

stupid…..nothing can solve ur problem..replace it.

16 07 2012
larissa brown

Ummm don’t call me stupid u don’t know who u talking to

29 01 2013
larissa brown

Don’t call me stupid

18 07 2010

My dad dropped his blackberry non touch screen phone on the ground and had a scratch clear across the screen! I poured some baking soda, like 2 tablespoons worth, only a napkin. I placed a micro fiber cloth in the pile to get up a bit of baking soda on it. I then swirled the baking soda’d fiber cloth lightly clockwise over the scratch. After rubbing for 2 minutes, I noticed the entire middle of the scratch gone! I got a bit more baking soda on the cloth and repeated this on both ends of the scratch for about 1 minute of rubbing each end. The scratch is COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!! I highly suggest this tip and thank you for suggesting it!!!!!!

17 08 2010

was like a crack or scratch??

30 11 2010
Mike Kelley

Many, many years ago, when most everyone smoked cigarettes, one could make a plastic polish from cigarette ashes and water. You pulverized the ashes and then made a paste with water and rubbed with your finger tips. Don’t know if it’ll work with phone screens because I don’t know how hard the plastic is.

28 02 2011

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28 05 2011

Toothpaste made no difference whatsoever =\

28 05 2011

Toothpaste made no difference whatsoever =\

1 06 2011
Daddy, Fix it!

If your scratches are deep, then no it will do nothing. Perhaps you can try some of the other creams and pastes.

28 05 2011

Toothpaste ddnt work on my wat to try baking soda

15 07 2011

there is no difference on scratch by using thease all things.

29 07 2011

omg the tooth paste did nothing….. maybe its cuz my phone is like super screwed though haha theres scratches everywere!!!!

7 08 2011

deep scratches require you to take the phone apart, wet sand it, then polish it with polishing compound.

7 08 2011

hye guys..if these all didnt work on your devices, just dont mind and start getting used with the new look on your wont bother you anymore when you get used with those nasty

9 08 2011

thank you that helped so much!!!!! the toothpaste works well

17 08 2011

my god! D tooth paste work! First, u must use ur tooth brush, brush ur teeth first, aftrrwards brush your cp without rinsimg your toothbrush.. Place the paste to the screen of your cp.. And sing your favorite song.. While brushing ur cp, brush your teeth again using the same toothbrush… Get a water and clean your mouth… Then soak your cp in the water.. Afterwards the scratch will be gone… And your cellphone of course.. Try it!

25 08 2011

You need any very fine abrasive, a bit of moisture, soft cloth, and patience.
mix the abrasive into a paste ~ toothpaste/brasso are premixed, baking soda/ talc require ‘wetting’. apply to screen & rub-rub-rub with soft cloth, keep rubbing and rub some more. The abrasive will wear out the edges of the scratches. finally buff with clean cloth

30 08 2011

they dont work

2 09 2011

yeh the price they charge for these phones you think they could use better materials. if any one finds a good solution theres money to be made.


3 10 2011

I have a pantech phone with a large deep scratch down the center which one should I use?

28 10 2011
Sohom Pramanick

I tried them all, but nothing worked! He is just fooling us! If you try in access, the scratch will worsen!

6 01 2012

being lied to is really not a good feeling ):

6 01 2012

being lied to is not a good feeling );

12 01 2012
Oz The Wizard

i advise, if it doesn’t work that is.. to apply and polish whatever.. (i used toothpaste) then wipe the screen with a clean cloth, circular motion. Then leave it for a bit then try again.. your cracks are probably deeper LOL so it’ll build up in small layers ;) thats what i did anyway and it got a bit better each time because you give it time to dry because you wipe it and take all the shizzle back out of the crack YOU GET ME?!

15 01 2012

I have the ZTE score that’s an android phone and it got a deep scratch and i want something that won’t mess up my phone or my parents will KILL me. I need it fixed please help.:(

2 02 2012

the tooth paste fucked my screen up

26 03 2012
I need help with this

Umm can you use leather cleaner?

11 04 2012
kactus taylor

i’m a jade and bone carver, jade is a lot harder then any of your cell phone screens,
and i use toothpaste for final polishing before buffing, i also use it to polish bone carvings, brasso also works, but leaves an oily residue and may stain, toothpaste will wash clean out.
i use toothpaste after the finest grades of abrasive wheels or wet n dry sandpaper, i have tried various comercial abrasive pastes and polishes in the 20+ years i have been carving, and have discarded them all.
a scratch is a mark CARVED into the surface, it CANNOT BE REMOVED, because it already HAS been removed, the ONLY solution is to take the surrounding area down to the same level, THAT’S IT!!!
there is no magic repairer to bring that carved surface back.
Obviuosly if these simple solutions don’t work then your scratches are tooo deep, replace or CAREFULLY sandpaper, starting with the finest wet n dry grade that you can buy, you’ll soon find out if you have to go any coarser if you do, then do it, and then come back to the finest, allways start lightly, and you will see if’s safe to go firmer, dont rub all the same way, change direction when you change grades, before finishing with TOOTHPASTE, then buff. oh yeah, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of TIME, fixing this, the deeeper the scratches the more time it will take, whatever you Do, Be careful, because you need to use some water to be effective, so turn off phone and remove battery first. then make SURE that it is completely dry, in and out, before putting back together.

11 04 2012
kactus taylor

By the way, have used toothpaste on my own Blackberry Bold 9900, to reduce car key scratches. Now it has a screen protector back on.

20 04 2012
Yeah itsTrue

GUYS! I suggest you to use whitening lotion then put a little bit on the screen and lather it for about 3 mins. then clean it circularly with a soft tissue.Now I can touch my touch screen phone mild and no edgy feeling on screen! Try it!

20 04 2012

The toothpaste and the baking soda didn’t work for me :( at least im getting a new phone soon and wont have to deal with these dam scratches. Definitely stocking up on screen protectors don’t want to ruin the HTC Rhyme. Can’t wait till I get it for my 16th b-day

21 04 2012

Toothpaste doesn’t work. :(

26 04 2012

i tried the tooth paste worked but tried cleaning my phone screen and i could see the scratches but when it had the tooth paste on you couldnt see any scratches how do i get the smell of tooth paste off :)

26 04 2012

I tried tooth paste. Worked but tried cleaning my screen and i could see all the scratches!!! When it had the tooth paste on you couldn’t see any scratches. How do I get the smell of tooth paste off? :(

27 04 2012

does past and baking soda work with blackberry phones? i left my phone in my bag with my protractor and the scratches are not deep but are very noticeable pls help!!!!

18 02 2014

you fuckin idiots. It doesn’t matter what kind of damn phone you have! Glass is glass you inbred dipshits.

27 04 2012

soz i mean paste

16 05 2012
larissa brown

I tryed it before bur on some scratehes there were marks

24 05 2012

toothpaste definitely works. it works on deep scrathes as well, but u have to be very pateint. it took 3 hrs to remove all the scratches from my nokia e71

27 05 2012

just buy a new screen or a new phone.simple as!!!!!!

23 09 2013

You act as if buying a new phone is cheap.

5 07 2012

This didnt help

10 08 2012
unknown :)

jjust got a new phone for less than a week. Now i have a scratch on it. :( Gonna try this and hope that it works.

13 08 2012

tootpaste (maybe it was the brand, Colgate Whitening) only made my screen darker.

15 08 2012

tooth paste dont work it crap

4 09 2012

can’t some of you speak English instead of slang and codes..Brasso worked very well on my screen, it was getting foggy with fine scratches. I work in a carwash so I have access to a lot of stuff and it turns out brasso did better than headlight restorer

4 09 2012
larissa brown

Well sorry if I made you mad because I wanted to speak how I wanted to speak but okay I will use proper lauguage……. okay…… happpy now bye!

1 10 2012

Reblogged this on Just Like Fresh Air.

22 01 2013

Well I would try, Scratch remover

27 01 2013

Try everything, and if your scratch is deep it will all pile up making it better. Kinda worked for me…

27 01 2013

I have a tablet, what can I do?

27 01 2013

Will it still work?

15 02 2013

“How to Remove Scratches from a cell phone screen!

Daddy, Fix it!” ended up being honestly entertaining
and enlightening! Within modern world that is really
hard to execute. Thanks, Wesley

15 02 2013
larissa brown

Wow ok

26 04 2013

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15 06 2013

tooth paste worked on my xperia arc…..

22 06 2013

I’m gonna try and use both brasso & bake soda! I think that will work :-)

20 07 2013

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26 07 2013
Mr, Brilliant.

Personally I found that the auto lense repair you use to restore faded head light and tail light works amazing. A small amount applied to the provided sponge thingy worked fabulous. Good luck and best wishes..

23 12 2013

Does anybody recall a commercial for a liquid product that fills in scratches on sunglass and glasses lenses? hint, hint

1 03 2014

I brushed my teeth then the cellphone… It works! Brush every day :) Good for your teeth and phone…..

4 03 2014
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22 03 2014
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28 04 2014

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4 06 2014

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9 08 2014

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11 11 2014
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